Positive Outcomes

Each individual and family presents with unique issues and circumstances.  We will meet with you in your home and tailor a treatment approach specific to your situation and desired change objectives.

We meet each client where they are and work with them to create positive outcomes.

Examples of positive outcomes that many of our clients achieve include:

  • Developing healthy mechanisms for handling anxiety, stress, frustration, and anger
  • A greater sense of belonging, less isolation
  • Improved self-awareness, reduced impulsivity
  • Improved communication and problem solving skills
  • Hope and a sense of excitement about the future
  • Improved school performance
  • Greater self-confidence and social skills
  • Safe, stable homes where everyone gets more of what they want out of relationships with less conflict
  • Parents learn to set and enforce limits effectively with children of all ages
  • Family members learn to resolve conflict respectfully and without verbal or physical aggression
  • A greater sense of family connectedness
  • Teens learn to interact consistently with adult authority figures in a mutually respectful manner
  • Reduced intensity and frequency of angry verbal outbursts
  • Strengthening of the parental team by resolving marital conflicts
  • Parents achieve more realistic expectations for their adolescent and themselves as parents
  • More respectful and trusting peer and sibling relationships