How Are We Different?

Claims of better, best, unique, etc., don’t have a lot of meaning in personalized services like therapy. What makes one therapist or organization better is often a subjective difference in personalities or “fit”.

But there are some things that you may experience with us that are different than your interaction with other service providers in our field. They are intentional on our part. They all have to do with respect and accountability.

We know that we do not exist without our clients and our referral sources. So we have established processes that help us demonstrate the greatest amount of respect and accountability to both these groups.

Who takes your call?

When you call the IHFCA main number you will either talk with the owner, Walt Louis, or one of the therapists in the practice. There are no receptionists or intake coordinators. We have designed this process to ensure responsiveness to our clients and referral sources and to minimize delays in getting an initial appointment set up. The main number listed for IHFCA is Walt’s cell/work number. With rare exceptions Walt will answer your call or promptly return it. If he is not available for an extended time (vacation, etc.) he will forward it to another therapist so they can answer it.
Walt and all the therapists check their messages multiple times a day and set as a goal to return all phone calls the same day, or the next business day at the latest. If for whatever reason you are having trouble reaching an IHFCA therapist, you are welcome to call or email Walt and he will help you resolve any communication issues and get you connected to the therapist of your choice. Walt can be reached at 913-952-9643 or by email at

How do therapists get assigned and initial appointments get set up?

Walt or one of our therapists will listen to you, ask you some questions about your situation and do their best to understand your needs. We will then assign you a therapist who will call you within two days to schedule the first appointment. If for whatever reason you have not received a call in two days from the assigned therapist, Walt expects for you to call him back and hold him accountable. He will personally trouble shoot any miscommunication and get you connected with your therapist.

What if I don’t like my therapist?

Therapy is a professional relationship with a strong personal component. Sometimes the interpersonal fit does not happen. If this happens to you, please address it with your therapist and seek their help in finding a better fit.

Our therapists do a great job of connecting with a wide range of individuals and family situations. But occasionally there is not a good match. If this happens, you owe it to yourself to address it immediately with the therapist. Your therapist will work with Walt to assign you a different IHFCA therapist if one is available in your area. If not, we will do our best to help you find another therapist outside our practice. The goal is to get you connected with the best fit possible. We want that to be us, but if not us, then someone else. If you call us seeking help, we want to help. And if we are not the best fit for you, so be it. We will still do our best to get you connected somewhere else so you can meet your goals.

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